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magic of making up course

Magic Of Making Up Course Reviews – Unless you’ve just had a relationship breakup that where the two of you were 100% in agreement that it was time to finish the relationship, the concept of breaking up stinks. Plain and straightforward. In the eBook The Magic of Making Up the writer who goes by “T.W. Jackson” (or, “T Dub” since he refers to himself) offers various ways to firstly figure out what went wrong in the first place, and then follows up with ways to implement as being a course of action towards rebuilding the partnership.

Magic of Making Up

Magic of Making Up

My guess is that you are here because you’re confused or hurt by something in your own love life, and you don’t understand what went wrong. Perhaps you’ve sat alone, thinking and wondering about what you might have said or performed to set things on a course of destruction – or what he or she probably have said or done wrong.

There are probably as many items that can happen between a couple since there are actual couples out there, because no 2 people or marriages or partnerships are the same. In just one case, it may be a tiny habit that drives the other person nuts, whereas that same habit is endearing to a person else. And all the relationship books on the planet are not going to be able to solve everything.

But let’s talk a little bit about the book, and T Dub’s advice in general to get a little bit of a compass reading on the direction you could possibly take.

Magic Of Making Up Review

One of the initial things that Jackson emphasizes would be to stop and think before taking any action. By way of example, he talks a lot about the feeling of panic that many people have when experiencing a breakup, and the actions that people take when they feel this panic (e.g. constantly calling or texting the ex-partner, talking to the ex’s family, arguing within the breakup).

Magic of Making Up reviews

Magic of Making Up reviews

And, actually – if you think regarding it, have you ever experienced a friend who has been in the middle of a meltdown spanning a breakup who began acting almost obsessively about the situation? Did she or he begin that barrage of texts or calls for the ex? And how about the constant chatter about what’s happening via his or her Facebook feed? You’ve seen this – I’m absolutely clear on it! And, if you’ve seen it, you’ve probably grimaced and felt embarrassed for your friend by this almost ridiculous display of desperation.

Now, consider how the “ex” is feeling. Probably NOT sympathetic, and probably feeling a sense of relief, and that the breakup was the right thing to do after all! So, you can certainly see why acting and behaving in a desperate manner is just not the right way to start trying to get back someone’s affection!

Sorry if it all sounds harsh, but it’s the simple truth. Usually, if someone can step back from a situation far enough to see it objectively and clearly, it will likely be obvious that this is not the way to move forward. To a lot of people, it appears like good sense, but throughout an emotional upheaval, common sense is probably the first items to get “heaved.”

So, let’s see this from a different point of view – and this is just what T Dub is talking about.

He advises to begin from the calm place, and take things slowly, using some of the methods that many people have used since the beginning of time. For example, he’s not saying to become coy, but he does encourage the “hurt” or “dumped” party to take some time, get into a good, as-normal-as-can-be head space, and spend some time necessary to implement some of the strategies. Some strategies include writing upbeat notes – however, not too soon. Things are about patience, seeing things from a different point of view, and essentially transforming into a better person in the long run (which can be good whether or not you get your ex back or otherwise).

Take a moment to take into account the type of “upbeat” attitude you might want to project, and how you might want to approach this strategy. Let’s say a couple of weeks have passed by, and also you (the “dumpee”) have calmed down just a little, and you’ve not given in to the temptation to beg. You’ve given the two of you some room.

Now, this might be a potentially approachable time to write a brief note saying something like, “Hey, just wanted to check in and let you understand that I appreciate all the good times, and that after considering whatever you said, you saw things which clearly I didn’t. I wish to thank you for how you treated me and that once you did break it off, that you were really kind to me regarding this, and I are now able to see that you weren’t seeking to hurt me. I hope that at some time we can talk again…”

Naturally, I would i do hope you wouldn’t just copy what I wrote here by way of an illustration, because it totally depends on your distinct situation, but I think you will see that this can be a far more controlled way to approach your ex.

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It should be noted that at no point does “T Dub” boast of being any type of counselor or therapist. He has marketed himself as somewhat of the “everyman” who has had success with the techniques, and who others have come to for similar advice in the past. So, even though he is not any sort of licensed counselor, who cares? Neither is Dear Abby, and huge numbers of people have benefited from her age-old advice (and now her daughter, who has taken over the popular advice column).

And, frankly, a few of the counselors around who ARE licensed or otherwise credentialed aren’t always spot on when it comes to advice. Watch any daytime television show the location where the celebrity doctors are giving out information and advice. I could only speak from my experience, however when I see some of them speaking with their website visitors to the show, I wonder what their ultimate motivation is. All things considered, they ARE in the media. But… let’s get back on topic.

Magic of Making Up review

Magic of Making Up review

The bottom line is that no matter what you think or what you do or whose advice you are taking, it’s probable that you will NOT win your ex back. There is always that possibility. This is all so true – and I’ve experienced this myself! So you’re not alone. Sometimes we’re so close to an issue that we just don’t view the forest for your trees, as they say. And the author knows and understands this. He’s not the kind of guy to tell you that you SHOULD try to get back together if you really just needs to be moving on.

Things I find refreshing is that he does recognize this. The aim of the book isn’t to hold onto something that ought to be “released.” And, you certainly don’t wish to force a relationship that is toxic or otherwise unhealthy. No one in his right mind would ever advocate that! So, take the author’s advice and discover ways to step back and check out where both you and your ex are, learn how to identify the areas that went wrong, and bring it from there. After you look at things in a more controlled way, you’ll get a better concept of the best way to proceed for YOUR situation.

So, here’s the thing – and the important thing: If you have taken a good step back, and checked out your situation with fresh eyes, and after you have tried the strategy that ol’ “T Dub” has offered – so you still don’t get your ex back, odds are really pretty good that it’s just not intended to be, and you really are not compatible. Because, it’s really information on change – not modifying your ex, because trying to achieve that is a lesson in futility – but changing yourself, and growing.

If it turns out that the relationship can be rekindled, you both will go back into it far wiser. If not, you’ll still be wiser, because now you’ll have some strategies and new-found confidence to head into the next relationship with eyes wide open. If this sounds like a good idea to you, I hope you’ll give The Magic of Making Up a read. Order Now by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below!Down ArrowMagic of Making Up BUY BUTTON-3

What? You’re still here? That must mean you have a few more questions, or you will still be wondering how something you thought was awesome could end so badly. Make sure you step back, require a deep breath, and begin to determine what signs were starting to indicate trouble. Make sure that you aren’t looking through the proverbial rose colored glasses and ignoring things that made the split inevitable. Remember that in the event you don’t change, your situation won’t change. Keep in mind that T. Dub tells us that we cannot change others! So, don’t look for this book to try to discover what you can do to change your ex. That might be unwise on every level.

The Good

Stops you from making the major mistakes, mature advice, good process that is effective, explained in everyday language feasible for a guy who has never read dating advice or psychology before to learn

The Bad

Some over simplistic high risk – low return advice, written for men and women ‘diluting advice quality’, really low quality customer packaging

The Important Thing

Good to average advice overall. Some dangerous overly simplified advice puts the value of the rest of advice into question.

Check the ranking of buy your ex back advice for better options. To give you the best chance of getting your ex back we also suggest you find out the basics to be attractive using a beginner’s manual (e.g. Double your dating ebook).


The Magic of Making Up Review is probably the most popular book (judging by google search references) giving advice on how to recover from being dumped and get your boyfriend or girlfriend back after she has dumped you or you have split up. And there are many – see our Getting Ex Back ranking for the complete list.

On first look, it’s overall packaging is a bit dated (no formatting, ugly images, seems like a circa pre-2000 ebook) – which immediately gives you the feeling it isn’t a high quality product. At first look I’d write it off as probably going to be a waste of time reading, nevertheless the content is really a lot much better than the impression the packaging portrays. Let’s take a look…

Good Structure, a lot of Sound Psychology and Newbie Friendly

There are a lot of great things about this product. It’s well structured using a clear step-by-step process to follow that is well thought out. Many of the content is based on sound psychological principles that are relevant and work.

An important feature about this product was its simplicity and how friendly it is for first readers of dating advice or anything psychology and relationship related. Nearly all men get their first relationship or dating book when a girlfriend they like breaks up with them. So the content articles are well calibrated to the audience from that respect – anyone can pick up this book and use it easily thanks to it spelling everything out in simple and ‘down to earth’ terms.

An example of how this benefits you is you get told at each stage of the book what to avoid with lots of examples. This is great, because it doesn’t leave any guesswork to get a newbie reader. He often lists things you should not do which will help you avoid making the biggest mistakes.

Unfortunately, it turns out that its simplicity is also the ‘achilles heel’ of this product and led us to the decision to not recommend you buy it. More about that in further down…

Advice Quality Diluted by Trying to Help both Men and Women Audiences

The book is written for both men and women. This weakens the advice because it is often generalized for sexes where it shouldn’t be. Individuals are different and behave differently in relationships and if you look at the market of dating advice products you’ll notice that for the most part you will discover a clear split between coaches and instructors that help women and those that help men – this didn’t happen by mistake, it’s for the reason that advice should fit the gender.

By writing for both sexes the article author is trying to please both sides (instead of offend either) rather than just writing something focused that will help anyone with exactly their needs and challenges.

A few of the more specific issues that this translates to for men is that:

1. Situations were brought up that were simply not realistic or likely for ‘men’ but there was no clear explanation that these were in fact ‘situations more relevant to women.’ I know a great deal about dating and advice so it was clear in my opinion – me fear is that it wouldn’t be for the men reading this book.

2. The publication is too ‘soft spoken’ and nicey from the slant of the advice for men. Not something I would consider to be beneficial to a guy who has just split up with his girlfriend more likely than not since he has been acting too weak (it’s the #1 reason for women dumping men).

Note: We have been of course reviewing this purely for its usefulness to a man who has split up with his ex girlfriend and wants to get her back.

The Hazards of Over Simplification

I’m all for simplification whenever it’s possible, but there are some things you can’t cut corners on as it leads to mistakes. This is the achilles heel of the product.

The data and guidance on two parts of the process particularly, understanding why the breakup took place and how to get back with your ex, get this mistake.

The part on understanding why you’ve separated provides some misleading ideas that simplify it all down to one reason (that the author says is distinct for a man as well as a woman). Since he doesn’t advise you to act on that information (it’s just for your psychology) this isn’t that the big deal. I could let it pass.

The larger issue is where T.W. Jackson advises anyone to use some tactics to help you get back with your ex. Two examples are the technique named the instant reconnect technique and another is the handwritten letter. There are numerous situations where these techniques would come off as weird or could further lower your ex-girlfriend’s attraction to you. I might strongly recommend you make use of neither of which (if you get it) because the odds are that they’ll backfire.

The techniques are often not given with sufficient information to assist you to calibrate those to the situation (necessary for success and avoiding a nasty rejection).

Part of the basis for this is the book is short at 62 pages with a large sized font and just isn’t large enough to pay the ground it really is attempting to cover. The author also wanders into areas from his expertise such as nutrition and fitness advice (that is dated and not particularly good quality) which takes up valuable space in that 62 pages that could’ve been used to add more information around actions he proposes you are taking.

The other issue is where he recommends dangerous – low return techniques. They have a heavy risk of causing more damage with no big upside typically. The handwritten letter is an example of this – I could see how it could work in some very specific examples, however are not the most common ones. It’s just a really bad idea.

The Bottomline

The advice in The Magic of earning Up is between good to average. Due to the ‘achilles heel’ issue of over simplification and the danger of this leading you to sabotage your chances with your ex we recommend you don’t get this product. It’s a pity, because there is some good useful content on the whole.

Examine the ranking of get your ex back advice for better options. To offer you the best chance of getting your ex back we suggest you discover the basics for being attractive by using a beginner’s manual (e.g. Double your dating ebook). Attraction always plays a role in being dumped, so it gives you the background to understand what went wrong. It’s something you can’t ignore.

Here’s my more descriptive Magic of Making Up reviews, a magazine written by T W Jackson. Since I’ve actually read and implemented the advice and techniques from this ebook when I experienced a break up, I needed to show exactly why I recommend it to those who’ve recently been dumped, so you can make your own mind up.


At a time when I’d been left feeling devastated coming from a relationship break-up, I wanted answers and needed help to stop obsessing over what had just happened and what I’d performed to deserve it.

Little did I know that anything like this had even been written and that all I’d really expected to find would be people telling me how to just deal with it and just ride out the bad feeling until it finally went away years later.

I was somewhat prepared for and half expected that the “just deal with it” approach would be all I’d ever find. And why would I have thought any different, as that’s what all the others I knew had to handle in the past. They’d had partners leave them and they didn’t have anything I really wanted to hear . Sure people had there suggestions, which are never really based upon anything concrete other than opinion.

Everyone I realize that went through a break up, generally had to just cope with the discomfort and recognize that one day it is going away. Which takes years to maneuver past if you don’t get back together. Not something I actually wanted to happen to me, having said that i assumed I’d just have to browse through the long painful road to happiness.


When I finally did get online and start researching, I was blown away through the sheer amount of different information I was seeing everywhere… lots of very different viewpoints or perspectives. I think inside the initial stages of a breakup, all you wish to do is seek out answers and that i must have read so many articles, forum posts and blogs on relationship break ups and being dumped, that I knew this was something most people tend to go through at some stage in their lives and I definitely wasn’t on my own with my feelings.

The Magic Begins

It was another similar evening of researching online sat at my desk, inside my new single room in the new shared house which i stumbled across it and my whole outlook suddenly began to change within minutes. I’d found T Dub’s site and must have read it 3 or 4 times that night, watching the videos on his page and taking everything in. Eating the claims (which I wanted to believe so badly) not to mention having scepticism about it.

The greater number of I browse the more I felt myself needing to let go and set my complete faith in T Dub.’s words. Seeing the amount of testimonies on his site and knowing that he’d had so much knowledge about this kind of thing started to really cement my feeling that we was going to get hold of it. I think during the time he was into the hundreds and hundreds of people that he’d already helped to get their relationships back together. In my opinion that did give more credence to his claims of reuniting couples and rebuilding relationships and even families. However, here is the internet and other people can and do make bold claims or exaggerate the facts. But, I took a chance…

I don’t remember how long it absolutely was after this, however i think it was the next day after sleeping on it and returning with a fresh mind i pulled out my wallet and hit the ‘add to cart’ button.

On A Mission

You hit the ground running when you start dealing with The Magic Of Making Up, because T Dub has now shown the first BIG step in the plan BEFORE you decide if you wish to get his book. There’s a free video on his site called the ‘Opening Move’ which is all about writing a letter. This first step sets the ball rolling and you may already see how it’s going to benefit you. A complete more detailed guide for writing the letter and other things to include are outlined throughout the Magic Of Earning Up, however i guess there’s nothing to stop you writing it without having to get the book first.

New Direction

When you get the book, it’ll get you on a hand-held journey explaining to you why your relationship ended and why it’s not over just yet, to having your head on straight so that you can sort out the problems and re-ignite the passion and desire. It gives you a sense of purpose again and grounds you. It covers everything from dating, lovers, getting back to your relationship, keeping the fun and love and avoiding old wounds or arguments.

Another facet to the book is basically that you may think that the old relationship is not what you need after all. This is just what happened if you ask me after a certain amount of an epiphany. It can take you through the ‘moving on’ element as well. You sense like you regain the power back in your life, a great deal so that you can be without that person if you wish.

Pain Relief

Among the first things you’ll learn is definitely the Fast Forward Technique. This for me was a solidly consistent friend throughout the whole process. It teaches you the way to release the physical pain of heartache (I know how strange that sounds!) – I was a bit sceptical at first as well… BUT boy can it work!! This really is a technique you can utilize for lots of other areas of your life like for assisting you to quit smoking, to prevent snacking as well as dealing with a close bereavement. There a host of other real life applications, but, if all it will is take away the pain just for this one purpose, for me it was actually well worth it only for that.

Extra Bonus

Added Extras

If you opt to get your hands on a copy of your Magic of earning Up, you’ll also get some fantastic accompanying documentation as added free bonuses which really solidified my belief that T Dub is genuine about helping.

Tips For Boosting Your Metabolism – Does exactly what it says and teaches you from scratch everything you need to know about your metabolism, Anabolism vs Catabolism and generally increasing your metabolism to help fat loss, to help you appear healthy and fit in the mission to get back your ex. This will also keep you busy with the various instructional solutions to physically enhance your metabolism.

Mind Magic – Psychological Tactics for Relationships – A 23 page report taking you through various mind magic tricks or tactics you can deploy in the whole process. There are some powerful lessons contained within these pages that you are given instances of how better to use them, in case you feel the requirement. This gives you more big guns for your use. These are really for use in conjunction with the main Magic of Making Up Reviews book as well as the general message it conveys. Some of you can expect to definitely need to use some of them depending on the current state of your split up. Others can also be used further down the line.

The Clean Slate Method – Completely unpicks the inherent problems with making apologies and the seemingly all-to-common mistakes we make when speaking to partners. It shows how how our normal responses and behaviours can sabotage us and cause arguments that really don’t need to happen. This particular bonus is essential when you have been unfaithful or we have seen a big indiscretion on your part. Even when not, it is going to completely transform future arguments before they happen, by preventing any ill-feeling between both you and your partner.

Magic of Making Up Review

5 stars

I give the Magic of producing Up an entire 5 out of 5!

In Conclusion

My goal at the outset was to get some perspective, learn what I had done wrong, learn what had ultimately caused the break up, stop obsessing regarding it, get myself stable and functioning properly again, stop the physical heartache and most of all to get my ex back. I achieved all of these and much more in one way or another.

(I simply want to add something here, my ex did indeed would like to reconnect with me, after that, but I actually decided I no longer wanted to after getting a step back and clearing my head. In case I ‘d agreed, we’d have got back together again if I’d followed through with it – there’s undoubtedly about that for me… I recently chose another path after i realised she wasn’t the best person to me)

I also regained my experience of purpose in everyday life, my freedom and independence, I learned a lot about relationships and how to help the ride become smoother for both people, I learned what causes problems in relationships and how to talk them through without defaulting to arguments (don’t misunderstand me, I still occasionally argue with my new partner, just not concerning the petty things any more and they are generally over almost as soon as they started) I took up a brand new hobby, spent some quality time with relatives and buddies and even made a decision to build this website as a testament to T Dub’s work.

For me the decision to purchase the Magic of Making Up was one of the best decisions of living. That’s not really a small thing to say and thinking about that as I write this, just makes me feel more justified in recommending it to you. Don’t just take my word for this though, go check out the free videos on his site for yourself!

If you want to share one of your experiences with me and also other readers with this site, please do get in touch. I’d love to begin to build up a page of readers stories, both successful and unsuccessful, so we have a true reflection of how it’s worked for other people. Feel free to drop me a message below or using the ‘contact us’ page. I wish all of you the best together with your future and i also hope you get what you want.